Best process for Duplicate Voter ID Card Download

Hello friends, if your Voter ID is lost somewhere and you are worried about it where you will download your identity card, then we are going to discuss and share you the complete information here.

Best process for Duplicate Voter ID Card Download
Best process for Duplicate Voter ID Card Download

Today we are going to discuss the process of Duplicate Voter ID card Download in detail, so stay tuned with us till the end.

With which you will be able to print your Duplicate Voter Id Card Download, but keep in mind friends here whenever you download or print VOTER ID for the second time.

So this is the second copy of what we call a duplicate Voter ID Card, so if you also want to Duplicate Voter ID Card download or print it, read the information below carefully.

What is a Voter’s ID card?

Voter card ID is an Identity Document issued by the Election Commission of India to adult domiciles of India who have reached the age 18. The Election commission of India issues a Voter Identity Card for the people who would like to themselves in the electoral list.

Because to take advantage of the government scheme, it is a government certificate that comes in handy everywhere, in case you lose it, you can download the identity card in your mobile.

Importance of Voter’s ID card:

Your voter ID allows you to vote for your choice of political candidate to lead your city, State and, ultimately, your nation. The Election Commission of India issues a Voter ID Card to the person he or she who enrol themselves in the electoral list. India is a democratic country where the Government is formed by the people of India.

For this, you have to download an application on your mobile, we are going to tell you the process below.

How to download your Voter ID Card online?

The Election Commission of India is authorized to issue a Voter ID card to eligible person who is Indian citizenship. If you are a 18 years or more then you are eligible to apply for Voter ID Card.

If your are a registered voter, you will be able to download Voter ID card or if you some how lost your Voter ID then you can apply for duplicate voter ID card download.

Follow the procedure to download your Voter ID card Online:

  • Go to NVSP website
  • Click on ”Form” then choose ”Form 6”(Apply online for registration of new Voter ID)
  • Now enter your basic details like your name, age and gender and marital status
  • Enter your residential address
  • Enter the details of two people who will vouch for you. You need to enter there personal and Voter card details
  • After completing all the above steps you need to attach your ID proof and address proof to complete the process
  • You will receive your Application number on your registered mobile number and email ID
  • Once it is uploaded in the website, you can click on the download button to get a copy of your newly generated election card.

How to Duplicate Voter ID card Download?

No one get the duplicate Voter ID card download, because of the inclusion of hologram in it. A person can see his Voter ID card information which is already mentioned in it by logging on the Electoral search website

As we can tell you that now you will be able to download and print your lost Voter ID online very easily because the Election Commission of India has released the official application for it.

From where all your problems will be solved, if you have any kind of problem in VOTER ID or Voter Card Correction related problem, then all those solutions are corrected through this application.

With the help of the Voter Helpline application, we are able to do VOTER ID Download Print Correction Mobile Number Link.

So friends, with the help of this application, you will be able to do all the work related to your VOTER ID. Here we take information about all its services here one by one.

What is Voter Helpline Application?

Taking forward its continuous efforts of building an active democratic citizenry in the country, Election Commission of India has undertaken a new initiative by designing a Mobile Application for developing a culture of avid electoral engagement and making informed and ethical ballot decisions among citizens of the country.

The app aims to provide a single point of service and information delivery to voters across the country. The app provides following facilities to Indian voters:

  • Electoral Search (#GoVerify your name in the electoral roll)
  • Submission of online forms for New Voter Registration, shifting to a different
  • the constituency, for Overseas Voters, Deletion or Objection in the electoral roll, correction of entries & Transposition within Assembly.
  • Register Complaints related to Electoral Services and track its disposal status
  • The FAQ on Voter, Elections, EVM, & Results
  • Service & Resources for Voters & Electoral Officers
  • Find the Election Schedule in your area
  • Find all the candidates, their profile, Income Statement, assets, criminal cases
  • Find the Polling Officials and call them: BLO, ERO, DEO and CEO
  • Click a selfie after Voting and get a chance to be featured in the Official Voter Helpline App Gallery.
  • Download the list of Contesting candidates in PDF format and take the print out.

Duplicate Voter ID card Download:

Follow the procedure to collect the duplicate voter ID card download from the Voter Helpline application:

  • To open your duplicate VOTER ID Download (Photo Voter Slip), first open this application.
  • After successfully opening the application, you will see the option of Personal Vault here.
    You have to click on it as shown through the pictures below.
  • As soon as you click on this option, the page will open for you to log in. Keep in mind that if your mobile number is linked with your VOTER ID, then you can log in by entering that mobile number, otherwise, you will enter a new number and click on login button.
  • As soon as you enter the mobile number and click on the login button, another page will open in front of you.
  • In which you will be told that if you want to link this mobile number with your identity card, then click on the OK button.
  • And if you do not want to link, click on the Skip button.
  • So you must link this mobile number with your VOTER ID by clicking on the OK button here.
  • After this, another new page will open in front of you, in which your mobile number will appear above and below you will have to verify with OTP.
  • And below that, you have to enter your email ID which you want to link with the identity card.
  • And below that, you have to enter your VOTER ID Number i.e. EPIC Number.
  • And below that, you have to create a password of your own. And the second time you have to enter the same password in the confirmed password.
  • And click on the submit button.
  • As soon as you click on the submit button, after verifying the OTP, your mobile number will be linked with your VOTER ID.
  • As soon as your mobile number is linked with your identity card and when you log in it, your digital voter slip appears in front of you.
  • Which comes with your photo, if you have your colour photo with your identity card, then you will see your colour photo, otherwise, you will see your black and white photo, from here you can download this digital voter slip.

How to apply for Duplicate Voter ID card?

  • For this, first of all, you visit the website of the Election Commission of your state.
  • After successfully opening the website, here you will get the application form for applying duplicate VOTER ID. You download this application from here and fill all the information given in it.
  • After filling all the information in the application, attach address proof and ID proof with it like Aadhar card PAN card by police FIR or Sarpanch or affidavit by any officer.
  • After attaching all the documents with it, submit the application form to your nearest Election Commission office
  • After submission, the information will be sent in SMS on your mobile.
  • After this, your new VOTER ID will be delivered to your address by BLO at your address.

How to download voter card with photo?

  • Go to National Voter’s Services Portal (NVSP) Electoral Search site
  • Now there are two options ”Search by details” & ”Search by EPIC No.”
  • Click on ”Seach by Details”:
    • Enter your Name & your Father/Husband name
    • Select the Age and Gender
    • Enter the Date of Birth
    • Select State, District & Assembly Constituency
    • Enter the Captcha
    • Click on ”Search”
  • When you find your name in the Electoral search then click on ”View Details”
  • Then new window open there you can see all your voter ID card details.
  • Then click on ”Print Voter Information”
  • Now you get Voter Information Print, you can use these print as you Voter ID Card Photo copy.

Voter ID card Software download:

There is no any specific software or a legal software for Voter ID card download, but there is a product which is called as PVC Voter Card Printing Software.

PVC Voter Card Printing Software

The specification of PVC Voter card printing software:

  • Voter PVC Card & Aadhar & EPIC Printing Software
  • We have E-Governance Service & related hardware supplier.
  • We have available Aadhar Bio-Matric Kit (Used & New)
  • Smart Card Printer(PVC Card Printer) (Magic Card Enduro/+)
  • Aadhar Pre-Printed PVC Card & Blanck PVC Card
  • Smart Card Printer Ribbon & Cleaning Kit & Printer Software Available.

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We hope you understand the entire procedure for duplicate voter ID card download there is no any specific procedure to download the exact duplicate copy of Voter ID card, but still you can found the duplicate Voter ID card detail to download.

In this article, we try to explain the each and every term to understand the procedure but still you don’t understand anything or having a trouble in something please let us know we’ll try to fulfill your query.

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