How to do GFMS Registration, eKYC, Experience Claim?

Hello friend, today we are discuss about the Guest Faculty Management System- GFMS eKYC, Registration, and Exprience Claim on portal, these portal is totally free they does not take any charge for there services.

GFMS Registration, eKYC, Exprience Claim

The applicant who is interested can do the ekyc process for themselves online by followingthe procedure mentioned below.

The ekyc has to be done by the applicants who have just registered or have had the oldregistration so far, they can also get the Aadhaar ekyc now

Guest Faculty Online Registration (GFMS Registration):

These is the big news for unemployed youths who wish to work as guest teachers in government schools of Madhya Pradesh. The process of online registration for Madhya Pradesh guest teachers has been started.

GFMS eKYC, registration, experience claim

As you are all aware that from the year 2014, the recruitment process of guest teachers was made online, after that the applicants were selected as guest teachers on the basis of an online scorecards.

Here we will tell you about the process of online registration of guest teacher so that you can register yourself from home, you do not need to depend on anyone so you can save both your money and time.

Follow the procedure for Guest Faculty Online Registration (GFMS Registration):

  • To register guest teacher online, visit the GFMS portal of guest teacher management system. Go to the GFMS portal. On the home page, you will see the registration link, click on the Register Here link.
  • Now fill the basic information asked in your registration form like name, father’s name, address etc. and check once before saving. After confirmation, save your data by clicking on the save button. Your screen user etc. and password will be visible on the service.
  • Keep in mind that the user name will contain your mobile number and the 6-digit password will be noted and keep it. In future, you will be able to update through this user ID and password.
  • After saving the registration, you again go to the home page of the GFMS portal and click on the login link.
  • On login, you will get some kind of dashboard where you will get a link to UPDATE QUALIFICATION. Click here and fill your education related information as per the marksheet.
  • In the Education Qualification Details section, fill your information carefully.

That’s all by using these procedure you can simply register for Guest Faculty Management System-GFMS.

GFMS eKYC for Guest Teacher:

For guest teachers who have been waiting for Aadhaar ekyc for a long time, the GuestFaculty Management System- GFMS eKYC process has been started on the GFMS portal.

However, if you have any problem or you do not understand the process, you can get moreinformation through the comment below or you can GFMS ekyc by going to any online

Follow the process for Guest Faculty Management System-GFMS eKYC:
● First you have to go GFMS portal for Aadhaar eKYC
● Now you can see the Login option, click on it.
● Now go to the eKYC option, there you can see the Aadhaar KYC option simply clickon it.
● Now enter your Nine digit ID number or enter your registered Mobile number then click on Initiate Aadhaar eKYC button
● After you have enter or verified the 9 digit Composite ID and Registered Mobile Number, proceed by clicking the Get Details button.
● After entering the Aadhaar number, you have two options to do Aadhaar eKYC here.
● First, if the mobile number is linked to Aadhaar and your number is active, select the first option and complete the eKYC process through the OTP received.
● Apart from this, if your mobile number is not linked, in this case go to the nearest online center for aadhaar eKYC through biometric eKYC.

Things to note before doing guest faculty Management System-GFMS eKYC:
● For ekyc you have to bring or have the user name (registered mobile number) and password which was found at the time of registration, otherwise you will not be able to login.
● For eKyc, it is necessary to have a Member ID, and it is most important that your Composite Member ID is linked to Aadhaar, if not, then contact your Employment Assistant or Block Office and make Aadhaar link.

GFMS Exprience Claim:

According to the instructions issued regarding the process of obtaining experience certificates to guest teachers, the ‘guest teacher’ will have to log into the GFMS portal and get GFMS eKYC done to get the experience certificate.

In today’s article, we are giving information about the process of GFMS eKYC, Registration & Experience Claim, for full details read the post till the end.

Hope this information is helpful for you. After completion of Aadhar eKYC, there will be an option show of Experience Claim on the dashboard, on clicking, there will be two options Register Claim and Print Experience Claim Show using which you will be able to print Experience Claim.

GFMS Salary Slip 2020:

The procedure to download the GFMS salary slip by using the official websites, follow the following steps to download the GFMS Salary Slip 2020:

GFMS Registration Number Search:

To search the registration number in the Guest Faculty Management System by name you need to just go to the, follow the steps to search GFMS registration number search:

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