Bathrooms near me: Find Public Restroom Near Your Current Location

When we exploring/travelling in a new place or location to find public restrooms and bathrooms finding option is available in Google Maps could come in very needful time.

To use the Google Maps services on your smart device to locate bathrooms near me, open the Google Maps and make sure that the location services are enabled on your device or you can simply browse by going to on your desktop or smart device browser and search for the query public toilets near me, public restrooms near me or public bathrooms near me.

In just few seconds Google Maps show you the location of restrooms near your current position.

Currently, new and updated feature like Google Assistant will help you to locate the restrooms near your current location to use these feature you need to activate or install the Google Assistant in your device.

After installing the Google Assistant, click on the mic icon available in google search and say ”OK Google” to activate the assistant, then to give the command say ”public bathrooms near me” and Gooogle Assistant will open Google Maps with places which are mark with ‘Geo Tags’ for all the public toilets near your location.

Many users have to face an issue when they search for the public toilets near me my location or nearest bathroom to my location and they found no location on their phone.

To search the public restroom near me, you need to change your search query to use the address instead of ‘near me’.

Your search query in that case will be like this, ‘show toilets near Red Fort in Delhi‘ or ‘Public Bathrooms in Times Square‘ or ‘Where can I find a Bathroom in NYC‘.

The world is amazed because of the Government of India that toilets have been provided to more that 600 millions people in just 60 months, building more than 110 million toilets.

2 Best Public Bathroom locator Applications:

1) Where is Public Toilet

This application is very helpful when you go for travelling or visiting any foreign country this application will help you to seek and search for the ‘Public bathrooms near me’ by using this application it definitely helps you.

To Download this application go to Google Play Store and search for the Where is Public Toilet.

Source Google Play Store

More than 280,000 public toilets in the World are available for you when just in need. Support world-level/continent-level/Australia database, “Download Database” can be used to switch between World version and Continent version anytime.

From Map Mode, you can find the nearest, most suitable restrooms for your self in several seconds based on your current location and it can guide you to the destination via Google Route function. You can utilize Google StreetView to confirm whether the toilet is available or not.

From List Mode, you can acquire detail information about the surrounding restrooms, such as the location of the nearest public toilet, details of opening hours, accessibility, parking and other features. Furthermore, the list can be sorted by the distance to me, the distance to map centre or alphabetical sequence.

This is an awesome App which will bail you out of a sticky situation, since it can filter restrooms by toilet types, accessibility types(male, female, unisex, LHT, RHT, ambulant, parking, MLAK) and extra features (parking, babychange, adultchange, shower, water, sharps, sanitary) supplied.

Thanks for the data from the National Public Toilet Map (the Toilet Map) funded by Australian Government Department of Social Services and other data providers.

Multiple languages are supported. More translations or improvement could be added through this Crowdin link

2) Toilet Finder:

NEW EDITION of the reference application to 150,000 toilets!

Find every toilet nearby in an instant! More than 150,000 toilets listed for free!

An application as practical and simple as saying “hello!” to find a public bathrooms near me. Toilet Finder can help you in every situation, in any country in the world! Find toilets that are specifically free to use, those accessible to handicapped persons, and even those given 5 STARS by our users.

Thanks for joining the large Toilet Finder mutual assistance community! As of today, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of contributors, adding new public toilets and notifying us when public toilets close!

Toilet Finder will always be free for its community of users.

Safety Note:

Safe Sanitation is the most important thing to maintain the good health of the people because of unsafe sanitation is responsible for around 780,000 deaths each year.

Lack of access to poor sanitation is a leading risk factor for infectious diseases, including Cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio.

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